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      Program Overview

      The Business & Management program offers delegates a broad array of courses to equip them to lead in business, professional and academic arenas. These programs are also geared to help delegates acquire the tools, develop the skills, and cultivate the mindset central to organizing, launching, managing successful new ventures and practical skills for use directly on their return to the organization.


      Program Overview

      Public Administration and Finance courses will introduce you to the frameworks and tools to measure value and decision-making, both for corporate and personal assets. These are the essential courses for all decision-makers who are not finance professionals. These programmes will provide you with the range of managerial and administrative skills that will further develop your growth in the public and private sectors.

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      Program Overview

      These courses are designed to ensure that our delegates are trained in the basic competencies of justice education and clinical legal training. Moreover, our Law courses provide crucial training and knowledge in a field that is vital to successful governmental and business practices appropriate to the criminal justice system.


      Program Overview

      Bridging courses are short intensive courses designed for secondary school learners and mature students entering tertiary study. It is for students who’re not confident with their preparation for university study, or they may not meet the assumed knowledge requirements.

      Bridging courses only teach to an introductory level and may assist in narrowing the gap between secondary school and university studies. Subjects taught in bridging courses do not carry any credit towards your degree.

      Students entering higher education without the required level of Mathematics should consider doing a bridging course, provided that other requirements of the University are met. This may include students enrolling in courses in engineering, chemistry, accounting, business, management, information technology, nursing, architecture, agriculture, pharmacy, dentistry, etc.

      Bridging courses are available to all students, including students who do not intend to study at UKZN.


      Program Overview

      In South Africa many pharmacists and chemists are called on to fulfill the range of duties of the Qualified Person in the European Community. Responsible pharmacists in South Africa are the individuals charged, in terms of the SA Pharmacy Act and the Medicines Control Act, with ensuring their company’s or practice’s products and operations comply with South African and International law.

      Since 1986, NSF-DBA Ltd, has become a global provider to the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Dietary Supplements industries, offering training, consultancy and auditing. It has an outstanding reputation for innovative training, especially in quality management and regulatory compliance. NSF-DBA is proud to announce that this training will now be offered in South Africa in partnership with the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

      There is undoubtedly a need to equip these individuals with the technical and legal skills, general management know-how, and confidence in their abilities to perform these important tasks, protecting both customers and their company’s reputation.


      Program Overview

      We offer a range of courses to meet the needs of our delegates, from beginner levels to more advanced levels. More information regarding these levels can be obtained after writing a short placement test to determine one's level.

    • University Education Induction Programme ( 1 )

      Program Overview

      The university’s mission prioritises academic excellence, innovative research and critical engagement with society. Higher Education courses focus on academic excellence and target, in particular the institutions goals. These goals emphasise on promoting excellence in teaching and learning through creative innovative curriculum design and development, as well as the responsibility of academic staff to nurture its postgraduate students.

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      Program Overview

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