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General conditions:

  • The applicant agrees to accept responsibility to inform UEL of any changes in the information supplied on the enrolment form when relevant.
  • UEL reserves the right to refuse admission to a course to any applicant, if the criteria for enrolment as stipulated in the course information is not met in full.
  • The applicant further confirms that he/she complies with the particular access requirements to attend the course as applicable and as prescribed.
  • The applicant further confirms that he/she fully understands the specific access requirements.
  • The applicant confirms that by submitting the enrolment form he/she indicates his/her willingness to register for the course, and to accept all responsibilities for payment of course fees as set out in the registration information.
  • The applicant agrees to abide by the assessment criteria for the course as set out in the course material.
  • The applicant confirms that he/she understands that it is against the rules of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (of which UEL forms a part), to commit any form of plagiarism (the publishing or stealing of work or ideas belonging to another person).
  • The applicant agrees to abide by the general code of conduct for students of the University of KwaZulu-Natal.
  • The applicant understands that the library facilities of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) will not be available to the applicant and, UKZN has no responsibility to provide the applicant with access to any library facilities.
  • The applicant understands that the language of presentation of the courses is in English, unless stated otherwise.
  • The applicant understands that in the event of any dispute of any nature whatsoever arising between the applicant and UEL, the South African law will apply and the appropriate courts of South Africa will have the jurisdiction.
  • The applicant understands that all intellectual property rights, (i.e. by example rights in text, recordings, pictures or other licensed materials) vests with the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the applicant may not reproduce or distribute any such material.


Neither UEL nor any of its agents or representatives shall be liable for any personal damages, loss or liability of whatsoever nature arising from the attendance of a course presented by UEL, or as a result of entering upon the premises of the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Cancellation policy:

  • UEL reserves the right to refuse admission to a course, in which case the applicant will be informed and applicable fees will be refunded.
  • Cancellations are accepted in writing and without penalty up to 14 days prior to the course start date. Notification of cancellation must be submitted in writing either via e-mail or fax to the Financial Manager before the 14 days preceding the start date of the course.
  • Applicants who cancel outside the approved cancellation period would not be entitled to any refunds, unless the applicant is unable to attend as a result of reasons such as hospitalisation which in the sole discretion of UEL renders it impossible for the applicant to attend.


  • Unforeseen circumstances may necessitate the appointment of speakers other than those advertised as part of the course.
  • Course dates, programme sequence, time and venue are subject to change without notice. Where the applicant is not satisfied with any such changes, UEL will consider refunding the applicant in total or part for the fees for part of the course already attended.

Payment conditions:

  • Course fees must be paid in full prior to course commencement.
  • Proof of payment must be supplied. All payments must reflect the payment reference as follows: first 6 digits of ID number + Full name
  • The applicant remains responsible for payment of the course fee. Should the course fee be funded by an institution (including the employer) on behalf of the applicant, the applicant accepts full responsibility to supply UEL with supporting documentation in the form of an official purchase order, indicating that the institution will submit payment on behalf of the applicant with the registration. The applicant remains responsible to ensure that the institution honours its payment commitment, prior to the course commencement.
  • Attendance will not be permitted without payment and the applicant will remain liable for the full course fee.
  • Cash payments will not be accepted.

Banking Details:

Account Name: UKZN Extended Learning (Pty) Ltd
Account Number: 05 037 711 6
Type of Account: Business Current Account
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Kingsmead branch
Branch Code: 040 026
  1. Obtain a registration form by downloading it here. Alternatively, phone us on 031-260 1234 and a form will then be emailed or faxed through to you.
  2. Supporting documents required:
    • Certified copy of Identity Document/Passport
    • Statement of results or Matric Certificate
    • Proof of payment of non-refundable registration fee of R500 including VAT (Reference must be first 6 digits of ID number + Full Name)
  3. Send completed registration form with all supporting documents to:
    • Fax: 086 214 1991 OR
    • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR
    • By Hand: University of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College Campus, Innovation Centre, Rick Turner Road, Gate 9, Foyer outside main auditorium
  4. On acceptance into programme, the course fee must be paid in full before the start date.

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Banking details:

Account Name: UKZN Extended Learning (Pty) Ltd
Account Number: 05 037 711 6
Type of Account: Business Current Account
Bank: Standard Bank Branch: Kingsmead
Branch Code: 040 026

NB: Reference must be first 6 digits of ID number + Full Name

Certificate in Public Administration (CPA), Certificate in Public Finance (CPF) and Certificate in Disaster Management are scheduled for Feb-13, July-13.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Are you in Sales and Marketing, Warehousing and Logistics, Engineering, Operations, Human Resources, or perhaps in another non-financial management role? If so, this course is...

Read more

Bridging Courses

Foundation Math

There are very few opportunities in life, that are really worth taking, that present themselves a second time. With such a high percentage of Grade 12 learners not meeting the Mathematics entrance requirements for study at a university, this course was designed to give these learners a second chance.

DBN 23 June 2014 R5 950 READMORE


Mathematical Literacy Upgrade

Thousands of students who pass Mathematical Literacy during the National Senior Certificate examinations cannot gain access to Science and Commerce related degrees because they do not meet the entrance requirements of universities. Perhaps you are one of them, convinced that with a little help, and a lot of commitment and hard work, you can bridge the gap that converts Mathematical Literacy to Mathematics.

Durban 21 july 2014 R10 032 Readmore


Certificate in Business Administration (CBA)

The Certificate in Business Administration introduces basic concepts, practices and techniques that are consistent with modern business, providing knowledge and skills that you can use immediately.

Durban 18 august 2014 R14 000 Readmore


Certificate in Public Administration (CPA)

The Certificate in Public Administration introduces basic concepts as they relate to the public sector, examines practices and techniques that are consistent with transforming public entities, and provides knowledge and skills that you can use immediately.

Durban 18 august 2014  R17 600 READMORE

Business Courses


Supply chain management

This course provides an objective overview of supply chain management from a practical business perspective: the tenets of innovation and the ‘lean organisation’ and implications for the organisation and its supply chain; the process of innovation and the alignment between innovation and supply chain management;

22 october 2014 R9 900 Readmore


Management Development Programme (MDP)

The Management Development Programme (MDP) provides companies with the opportunity to grow the potential of new and aspiring managers. These employees are often tasked with taking short to middle-term decisions and need skills and knowledge to make effective decisions.

23 July 2014 R37 900 Readmore


Finance for Non Financial Managers

Are you in Sales and Marketing, Warehousing and Logistics, Engineering, Operations, Human Resources, or perhaps in another non-financial management role? If so, this course is for you! Finance for Non-Financial Managers (FNFM) is designed to develop financial literacy and create a better understanding of your contribution to strategic decision making.

13 october 2014 R9 900 READMORE


Competent Project Management

This course provides an objective overview of Project Management from a practical business perspective: from initial conceptualisation, to planning, to implementation and subsequent evaluation. Increasingly, projects are seen as a vehicle for accomplishing tasks and meeting objectives in competitive markets, to address customer and organisational needs

27 august 2014 R9 900 READMORE


Law Courses

Certificate in Forensic Investigation and Criminal Justice

Knowledge of the essential statutes, laws, practice and principles required for forensic investigators. Competence in the principles, planning and preparation of basic investigative reports.

tba R10 500 READMORE


Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines

In an era of increasingly globalised trade, pharmaceutical patents play a key role in the availability and affordability of medicines, as shown by the conflict over access to anti-retroviral medicines for people living with HIV/AIDS in resource-limited countries. Patent protection can also be a contentious issue in high-income countries, when high medicine prices impede access to effective treatment.

Not Yet Announced R8 000 READMORE

Language Courses


The course is designed for those who want to improve their practical knowledge and understanding of isiZulu in order to improve their communicative language skills levels. The course respects the widespread need for isiZulu to be used in education as well as business and commerce, throughout South Africa and in key markets throughout Africa.

4 september 2014 R4000 READMORE

*UEL reserves the right to amend dates and prices at short notice, whilst protecting the consumer rights of course delegates.


Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines

The School of Law at the University of kwaZulu-Natal, in conjuction with the Foundation Open Society Iniatitive, is offering a two week certificate course in Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines. This dynamic...

Read more


Certificate in Labour Law, and Certificate in Forensic Investigation and Criminal Justice are both scheduled for Feb-13, July-13.



    Programme Overview

    The Business & Management programme offers delegates a broad array of courses to equip them to lead in business, professional and academic arenas. These programmes are also geared to help delegates acquire the tools, develop the skills, and cultivate the mindset central to organising, launching, managing successful new ventures, and practical skills for use directly on their return to the organisation.


    Programme Overview

    Public Administration and Finance courses will introduce you to the frameworks and tools to measure value and decision-making, both for corporate and personal assets. These are the essential courses for all decision-makers who are not finance professionals. These programmes will provide you with the range of managerial and administrative skills, that will further develop your growth in the public and private sectors.


    Programme Overview

    These courses are designed to ensure that our delegates are trained in the basic competencies of justice education and clinical legal training. Moreover, our Law courses provide crucial training and knowledge in a field that is vital to successful governmental and business practices appropriate to the criminal justice system.


    Programme Overview

    Bridging courses are short intensive courses designed for secondary school learners and mature students entering tertiary study. It is for students who are not confident with their preparation for university study, or they may not meet the accepted knowledge requirements.

    Bridging courses only teach to an introductory level and may assist in narrowing the gap between secondary school and university studies. Subjects taught in bridging courses do not carry any credit towards a degree.

    Students entering higher education without the required level of Mathematics should consider doing a bridging course, provided that they meet the other University requirements. This may include students enrolling in courses in engineering, chemistry, accounting, business, management, information technology, nursing, architecture, agriculture, pharmacy, dentistry, etc.

    Bridging courses are available to all students, including students who do not intend to study at UKZN.


    Programme Overview

    We offer a range of courses to meet the needs of our delegates, from beginner to more advanced levels. More information regarding these levels can be obtained after writing a short placement test which will determine the delegate’s aptitude.

  • University Education Induction Programme

    Programme Overview

    The University’s mission prioritises academic excellence, innovative research and critical engagement with society. Higher Education courses focus on academic excellence and target, in particular the institution's goals. These goals emphasise the promoting of excellence in teaching and learning through creative innovative curriculum design and development, as well as the responsibility of academic staff to nurture its postgraduate students.

  • Nutrition Advisor Programme

    Programme Overview

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  • Marketing and Sales

    Marketing and Sales

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